Happy Birthday --- Staff Style

- Nov 30, 2017 -

In order to carry forward the corporate culture and let the staff feel the warmth of the large-scale family, we give affirmation and gratitude to our staff for their hard work for a long time, expressing the company's care for employees. In mid-month, Aubo company held a birthday party for employees who work in the headquarters. Months of longevity together with the various departments together, everyone happy, happiness linger in them.

Birthday party, everyone in all aspects of singing birthday songs, candles, cut the cake, but also for the birthday of the company has prepared a beautiful, Liu personally signed birthday card, although it is a small move, but devoted The company's caring staff, we can say that the care of true love sprinkle every corner of the company, and actively mobilize everyone's dedication and enthusiasm for the work attitude and style, so that we all strive to the hero's stance, work together with the company Grow together.


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