How To Strengthen The Anti-interference Ability Of Frequency Converter

- Jul 27, 2017 -

Now many manufacturers of industrial control will choose frequency converter as a way to save energy, but the frequency converter will be disturbed by some signals, the main interference modes are radiated interference and conducted interference.

So how to strengthen the anti-interference ability of the frequency converter, here's a brief introduction for you.

(1) the signal line and power line should be vertically crossed or slotted.

(2) do not use wires of different metals to connect with each other.

(3) shielding pipe (layer) should be reliably grounded, and ensure continuous, reliable grounding on the whole length.

(4) the shielded cable should be used in the signal circuit.

(5) the shielding layer shall be as far away from the frequency converter as possible, and shall be separated from the frequency converter.

(6) the magnetic ring can be used in the inverter input power line and the output line. The specific method is that the input line moves in 4 directions in the same direction together, while the output line moves in 3 directions in the same direction. When winding, pay attention to the magnetic ring as close as possible to the transducer.

(7) shielding and other anti-interference measures can be adopted for jamming equipment and equipment.

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