India's State Power To Stop The Acquisition Of Private Assets To State-owned Assets

- Nov 13, 2017 -

Recently, NTPC said it did not want to buy any pressure on private-sector assets. Instead, it wants to help banks take over non-repayment of debts and operate these plants instead of service fees.

"For those assets that are still under construction, NTPC intends to assist the banks in completing the project and implementing commercial operations," said K Biswal, Chief Financial Officer of NTPC.

A few years ago, NTPC decided to take over the pressured assets. Although many power plants are ready for open bidding, NTPC decided to end the acquisition of any power plant or power plant from the private sector.

Since then, NTPC has decided to take over the mismanaged assets of state-owned power companies. According to sources, NTPC has acquired many firepower and hydropower plants from other central enterprises and state-owned power plants.

The latest purchase list from NTPC is the Chabla thermal power plant in Rajasthan. The plant includes 1,000 MW of power generation facilities in operation and 1320 MW of in-build capacity.

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