Local Electrical Enterprises To Enhance The Technological Level Of Industrial Electrical Industry Development Prospects For The Better

- Oct 27, 2017 -

Benefit from the power industry, new energy industry and energy structure optimization and other factors, China's industrial electrical industry to maintain steady growth, and gradually become the world's largest and most advanced electrical applications market. Although there are still weak foundation, lack of independent intellectual property rights, unreasonable use of raw materials and other issues, but with the Chinese local electrical enterprises to improve the level of technology, China's industrial electrical industry development prospects.


Industrial electrical industry development momentum is good

In 2015, China's electrical machinery and equipment manufacturing industry realized a total sales income of about 6.95 trillion yuan, an increase of about 4.51%.

2008-2015 China's industrial electrical products sales growth (unit: trillion yuan,%)


From the perspective of industrial electrical efficiency, in 2015, China's industrial electrical products to achieve a total profit of 594.8 billion yuan, the profit growth mainly due to China's power grid transformation, and investment in fixed assets increased.

2008-2015 China's industrial electrical products total profit growth (unit: billion,%)


Not only the scale of the market has grown, after 50 years of development, China's industrial electrical industry has also formed a relatively perfect system, product variety, production, technical performance and quality, and other basic to meet the needs of national economic development, and positive intelligence Miniaturization, modularity and communication can be characterized by a new generation of product development transition.

However, the industrial structure of the electrical market presents a typical pyramid-like, intense market competition, the industry's overall concentration is not high. Among them, with low technical threshold in the low-end product market demand is huge, attracting a large number of market participants, 2015 domestic industrial electrical scale above production enterprises (annual sales income of more than 20 million yuan) has more than 20,000.

Foreign competitors involved in the Chinese market, have adopted cooperation with domestic production enterprises to seek complementary advantages, and constantly penetrate the domestic and foreign markets, but also exacerbated the market competition. In a highly competitive landscape, with technology and scale advantages of the leading enterprises in a favorable position, is expected to enhance the industry through mergers and acquisitions concentration.

In the long run, industrial electrical power as a basic industrial products, is the power industry, energy, industry, transportation, urban and rural infrastructure, civil and commercial basic components, with a wide range of wide variety of industry characteristics, its wide application In the national economy of all walks of life, and people's lives are closely related to the demand for industrial electrical products, many of the performance of hard demand, with a weak cyclical characteristics of the industry.

Industrial electrical industry prospects can still be expected

As China's economic growth gradually driven by the government into a market-driven, the industrial electrical industry, whether it is smart grid, or rural power grids, new energy, high pressure construction investment, are in the high-speed growth stage. Power grid construction, UHV and new energy is expected to become the future development of power equipment industry, "Troika", and the power equipment industry supporting the industrial electrical industry, the future is also facing a better demand prospects.

In addition, China's information technology is gradually mature, the application from the original oil and petrochemical, steel and other high-end market-oriented diversified direction in the tobacco, pharmaceutical, paper and food industries have a very wide range of applications The And information technology will drive the electrical industry product package and intelligent upgrade alternative needs.

However, at this stage, industrial electrical enterprises on the one hand facing a better opportunity, a huge market is now; the other hand, due to industrial upgrading, new energy, energy saving and other policies, a large number of enterprises will face Transitional pains. On the overall situation of the industry, China's electrical industry will remain stable development, is expected to 2021, China's electrical equipment industry is expected to exceed 12 trillion yuan scale.

2016 - 2021 Forecast of China's industrial electrical products (unit: trillion)


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