Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

- Dec 21, 2018 -

When we are a little child we always own dreams, dreaming that the evening before when we said “night night” to our dearest parents , we put a pair of socks on our bedside table, the morning after we will receive unexpected gifts..

Long long ago, there is a Christian named Nicolas who are always willing to help the poor especially the teenagers. He devoted all his assets to those who indeed needs help. The name” Santa” was from a legend of his true story. He sent money to 3 poor girls , then the story came to birth.

People always love fairy stories that is sweet and nice, during which a Mr. Nicolaswas dressed in a red gown, steering with deers to stuck into every dreaming socks in each family with presents in midnight, bringing happiness to every child. Long before we have the “Santa Claus”.

To the name of god, Aubo sincerely wish you have a peace, hope and joy Christmas.

Merry Christmas& Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas

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