New Material, New Technology And Artificial Intelligence Will Accelerate The Change Of Wind Power Industry

- Oct 20, 2017 -

On October 16, 2017 -19, the 2017 Beijing International Wind Energy Conference (CWP2017) was held in Beijing. At the China International Exhibition Center (new building), "global wind power CTO Forum - future wind power imagination", Miu Jun, vice president of Shanghai electric wind power group, shares the topic of "wind power revolution" under the energy revolution. Miao pointed out that wind power technology development potential is still great, the future of new materials, new technology, artificial intelligence, the use of new structure will greatly enhance the efficiency of fans.

The following is the speech content:

Good morning everyone, I would like to introduce myself, my name is Miu Jun, at this stage I am a recruit, because I just took over Shanghai electric R & D work soon, I want to say is the subtitle, imagine the future of wind power, I just arrived later in fact a little difficult, difficulty in where? This is the imagination of two words, Chinese imagination is not equal to the fantasy, so we must think about the future, but some things still need to put down to earth, for a moment in my PPT, we prepared inside in the early stage, my team has a lot of brain hole wide open, they collected the ball very many a novel scheme, but I think it is not suitable for these enterprises, or not we bowl dish, delete, such as the floating type of these units, although the concept is very good, but I feel like this is not included in the scope of our imagination of the inside.

In fact, from the technical wind power technology, I personally have a feeling, I think wind power technology can have two points, one point, it is a far reaching mature stage of a technology. The second point, it is a very inclusive technology platform. I read all of you at this age are very light, in this industry we are engaged in a very lucky, at least we don't have to worry about before retiring from the development of our industry encountered technical bottlenecks, because I have been engaged in a power plant, the traditional fossil energy industry, it is a technology in power difficult to improve the efficiency of coal 1%, or the capacity of the unit coal consumption to reduce Kenadou is very difficult thing, very challenging, is a dream for us, we need to use ten years, or even longer to go to enhance the efficiency of 1%, but it seems that we are not in the wind power. For these problems, we can put the amount of power to enhance an easy job to do very few points, the load increase a few percentage points above, on one hand, our technological progress is Fast. Second shows that our technology is far from mature. Let's look at all the technology and see if every technical point is very mature, and that's the first point. Second points, each point to our technology with other industries, technology is shared, we compared whether found in the technology we used in the above, it is not the wind inside seems most leading, the most advanced, it has been introduced to the industry inside, we are in sharp the generator of this platform, the integration of very good together, it reflects the very great inclusiveness, and I have to say behind the contents of PPT, I advocate do not pay attention to original innovation in the team, we also ask us how to innovate, we don't want to emphasize in this industry to do innovation is a breakthrough the original, we should pay attention to the idea, we should always pay attention to the development of other industries, focus on other areas of some of the latest research results, when it is mature, we It can be directly introduced into this industry, and we ourselves, the wind turbine's inclusiveness determines that we can do it this way, we are far from mature in technology.

Of course we start from the industrial revolution, from steam power to the electrical era to the era of automation, or the information age, and now promote the fourth industrial revolution, our wind power is now in the third and the fourth industrial revolution, we also accept the era of information technology brings the impact of dividend, why speaking, we see the exhibition above has a lot of information, the mature technology of third industrial revolution applied in other areas, continue to be brought into this industry inside, but at the same time we also received the fourth industrial revolution, many technology shocks, including AR, VR, including unmanned control the technology, including bit by bit, or nanotechnology, I don't know you, recently very popular quantum communication technology Operation, we do not know whether the future will be the wind power industry is cited, but I see in front of Tsinghua University professor also saw rapid real quantum communication technology, there is an article or very interesting, may give us some of this industry revolution.

Of course you want the change of technology can give us these are engaged in new energy industry bring some vitality, bring some new opportunities, there is no doubt that we all hope for the future of energy can be 100 per cent renewable energy.

As I mentioned, we from the above, I hope more to borrow the identification field has developed technology for wind power in this area, looking down from this point there will be a lot of points, I mainly talk about three aspects of today. One is the super blade design and production, second aspects of refined wind field design. The third aspect is intelligent unit. Right angle wind power challenge LCOE this is my team on it, if we say it is the imagination of technology, from the perspective of the development of technology, from the beginning of our special attention to the cost of this technology or attention, we will likely inhibit technology development, technology development and relationship the economy has its context, at the beginning is certainly high cost, if we blindly pursue low-cost, we don't think, this is my another point.

First, the large change of wind power blade design and production, there are three dots, new technology and new materials, new structures, new airfoils and pneumatic accessories, new materials and new technology, I mainly want to say carbon fiber, I estimate the design research and development institutions, the application of carbon fiber is very popular recently, we pay attention to the above almost at the same level above has been gradually introduced, including in low wind speed region onshore wind farms, we now seem to be similar to Moore's law, every two years to the development of performance doubled the speed in the development of our wind power generator, each half of the time basically wind diameter an iterative update, follow we need longer leaves, we design for suppliers greater challenges. This is what I call the carbon fiber material in other industries have been very popular in recent years, the proportion is rising faster, we have applied for wind power, including Shanghai electric blade in our recent study of carbon fiber, I remember there is a national plan, by 2022, the application of glass fiber the limit is 80 meters, and then go up again unless the change of glass fiber by leaps and bounds, seems to have reached the limit of its performance, we want to use the new materials to improve the toughness of carbon fiber. This is the application of new materials, because the infiltration degree of resin carbon fiber are affected, so we are not easy to use today's technology can complete the casting penetration, there may be a common white spots, we must study the new technology, new material, these are the fields and new research direction.

The new structure form, there are two pictures, the picture on the left shows a desire for bending technology, we need to put the blade in the system when the night away from the tower barrel wall, but with the coupled blades of new ideas, the right side of this chart seems more interesting, this is also the first few the day we see is an iterative one blade structure an associate professor at the University of Denmark do, he did it 40 times, using digital simulation technology and the height of the automatic cruise, iteration after the result makes us look inside the structure of the blade like bird bone, we structure the traditional blade now which is the single or double side plate side plate, from the theory above, we have amazing natural evolution of magical power. Two we have amazing human technology, especially the development of mathematics, the natural evolution of nature we can gradually be fully simulated by mathematic model, thanks to the development of material technology now really, really material technology, including 3D printing technology in highly developed, we have not known five years or ten years later, we can develop similar leaves such structure, or even not leaves in our whole leaves to take advantage of such a structure, in some special places with high strength requirements, whether we can reduce our load with similar structure, we reduce the weight of the blade.

Third is a new type pneumatic accessories, everybody should be very familiar with these photos, third Australia is the study of a low noise wind wheel, I feel the wind power, we move the airfoil as my research on Thermal Power Research on gas, thermal power, steam turbine and gas turbine airfoil for us the research is not enough, it does not concern the airfoil itself, the above three is a typical pneumatic field to pay attention to, especially the day before yesterday afternoon meeting lots of distributed wind power development, wind power generator from residents kept at a distance of 500 meters or more, if we have a low noise fan today, the noise level can be control is very low, if we can have more resources, such as household air-conditioning, household appliances industry inside, you recall our air conditioner, ten Window machine twenty years ago or even years ago, now the US air conditioning, noise level declined substantially, which carries a lot of our technology, it is as simple as home fans like trilobal oval leaf, now the maple leaf has a small tail hook over there, look at the leaves above is thickly pit, but the technology of noise reduction technology, because we just started in this industry, so we put little attention, of course I suggest we go to see some other industry success stories and experience, some of the technology is very mature, can quickly get the wind power industry inside.

The next wind power refined wind farm design, the topic is a lot of people talk about, here mainly on three, more accurate wind resource assessment, more accurate wind power plant analysis and verification, and more personalized site selection. There are three diagrams, this is a chain that needs to be strung together. The first is a digital terrain printing table that uses 3D printing technology to print out the digital terrain. The second one is a pneumatic one. The third one is the analysis of the flow field of digital simulation. Because many times we are considering to set two wind tower, now on the right and left a two, but in the mountainous hilly area, or terrain surface condition is complex, the two wind tower is not enough, we will combine with local meteorological data, or satellite data, or where is the data, but these data are not accurate enough, whether we can put the three pictures together imagine now, we can make a complex surface through print with 3D graphics, we now have a very mature pneumatic technology, combined with the digital simulation technology we are highly developed, similar to us in principle, the appropriate fluid to model it out, we are not doing will be more accurate, would do more good.

The third is a personalized location, design of the wind field or individual, inside the three, one is the different tower barrel height, a design scheme is different, is a different control strategy based on the three points above, the technology we all can do, is nothing more than the length of time, but we are now in the bidding process, we hope that the owners often require accurate to a seat, idea is very good, now a wind inside can do two different height of the tower barrel (sound), but if the three tower barrel, three base, four base. Or have their own control strategies corresponding to the Engineer for the team they will encounter a very distressing problem, he will continue to modify his design, or our supply chain on line, These will include the quality problem, each tower barrel drawings are not the same as we do, we are here to personalized, but I think in the individual before we must first go to do the standardization, the standardization is not a simple model of a single, all made a tower barrel, this is not our ultimate. The standardization, standardization and we wanted to put this process into the design parameters, become law and a certain scale can go to find, we hope that through the design process, simulation software, it can find the optimal parameters, for example the design of the tower in the bucket we push now, you can reduce the workload of the can fast owners in accordance with the requirements of different tower bucket height requirement, put forward the new tower barrel with drawings, agile tower barrel factory of the supply chain, we still have Maybe to follow, I'm going to design, and make a completely personalized barrel scheme.

Third points, the intelligent wind turbine, the same three points. First, self diagnosis, self repair and self perception. Here is a picture of the automobile generator, we also look at the development of the industry, self diagnosis technology is not strange for us, the most basic can now go to see the cracks in the gear box, a very slight crack, analysis test can come out, oil spills, leakage through vibration, or ice, over temperature, we arranged to detect sensor very much, but according to our practical experience of the result, then we design so many sensors, it is often false alarm, here a question is that we did not take a systematic perspective to look at a problem, we can not learn from the traditional Chinese medicine theory, the system view, the same basic diagnosis of this disease, a disease, western medicine is very simple, but the basic China That is not in such a system point of view, the diagnosis system, through a focus, we need to confirm each other different techniques, different sensors with each other, and finally to the lesion site to determine more accurately, we make most of the false alarm probability is reduced, in order to save our labor and cost.

Second point self repair. Also from the auto industry, self repairing tires, in fact, in my car trunk, I put two liquid, high pressure inflatable liquid, what is the liquid for? In case the tire is broken, the jar can be washed straight into the tire. The one on the left is the closed structure of composite materials, the blade it is the typical structure of composite material, if the leaves above small cracks appear likely or very large, the cracks appeared after the easy access to moisture, if we were struck by the lightning, the leaves will be torn off, we can easily occur in these cracks in place to use this technology, the picture to the right is the same self repair technology, this is a picture of foreign F15, of course, a few days ago I saw our chief engineer 20 fighters, when he talked about our own design China fifth generation fighter, it is important that we have the fifth generation fighter an automatic repair function, I go online to check, this concept is not new, the British company in his fighters inside is also also have a certain self I repair the function, this function is not for the composite material, it is for metal and alloy, I don't know the specific principle is what? But from this idea on it, if we fan in the fan of the high seas in some key parts of self repair ability, this is very meaningful.

Fourth self perception, we sigh a lot of field control technology, we are no longer in the single blower angle to enhance efficiency, from this perspective, fan it self thinking, it is a highly intelligent products, is not something we can say that it has been the primary form in a society, in which the wind power plant, each fan is different in spite of a unit, but it has a division of labor and coordination, the first typhoon power generation opportunity to consider my buddy is not good, this is typical of the division of labor, we began to study these human groups, one is a swarm of bees, ants, we China the most powerful is the UAV technology, but the most powerful is the inside of the UAV swarm tactics, I see we've overcome off, we at Wartime If we can send drones to attack other targets, we can also introduce them into our wind power, and each typhoon generator will do different business. Our power generation is supposed to have a lot of room for improvement. Well, these, I think these are pure imagination, I hope the next ten years to see part of the technology in our wind power business, wind power industry inside can be realized, thank you for listening, thank you.

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