New Year's Eve

- Feb 04, 2019 -

Today is New Year's Eve, also known as DA NIAN YE, CHU XI, CHU SUI. It is the last night of the Lunar New Year (December). CHU, that is, the meaning of removal; XI, refers to the night. New Year's Eve is a festival of retiring the old and welcoming the new, reunifying, and renewing Vientiane. New Year's Eve is often called DA NIAN SAN SHI on the 29th or 30th of the Lunar Calendar. It is one of the most important traditional festivals in China. The people pay the most attention. Every household is busy or cleaning the house, welcoming the ancestors to go home for the New Year, and enshrining them with rice cakes and three animals. The last day of the lunar calendar is called "SUI CHU", and that night is called "New Year's Eve." Since ancient times, New Year’s Eve has had the habit of staying asleep, keeping alive, sticking to the door, posting Spring Festival couplets, painting New Year pictures, hanging lanterns, etc. It has been passed down to the present, and it has been enduring for a long time. Under the influence of Chinese culture, New Year’s Eve is also a traditional festival of Chinese characters and Chinese overseas Chinese. All staff of Nanjing Aubo Electric Co., Ltd. hope that you and your family will be happy and healthy in new year!

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