Rapid Growth Of China's Semiconductor Industry: Output Will Impact 620 Billion Yuan Next Year

- Nov 14, 2017 -

The latest China Semiconductor Industry Deep Analysis Report pointed out that by 2017 China's semiconductor output will reach 517.6 billion yuan, annual growth rate as high as 19.39%, estimated in 2018 expected to reach 6,200 billion yuan output value, maintaining an annual growth rate of nearly 20%, high In the global semiconductor industry in 2018, 3.4% average growth rate.

Zhang Ruihua, a semiconductor analyst at China Semiconductor, pointed out that the four major growth drivers for accelerating the development of China's semiconductor industry include domestic import substitution needs, national policies, financial support and innovative applications. According to the current development, China's semi-conductors rely on imports of IC products such as core processors and memories. Import volume has exceeded 1.4 trillion yuan for four years in a row. Improving the localization rate is one of the important topics.

In addition, the continuous implementation of the government's continuous policy also shows that the unprecedented will of the Chinese state will, together with the establishment of a national large fund, declares that the transformation of government support means has effectively merged the concessionary subsidy with the real fund-backed industries. Rapid Growth of China's Semiconductor Industry: Output Will Impact 620 Billion Yuan Next Year

According to statistics, at present, the first phase of the National Fund has raised a total of 137.7 billion yuan and boosted the size of the local industrial funds to more than 500 billion yuan. The past, smart phones, tablet PCs and other smart terminals are the main demand, the future of things, artificial intelligence (AI), 5G, car networking will lead the development of China's IC industry, innovative application of business opportunities.

Zhang Ruihua pointed out from various fields that according to the structure of China's semiconductor industry, IC design industry in China surpassed IC packaging and testing industry for the first time in 2016. In the next two years, the Internet of Things (Io) and 5G (Internet of Things), as well as fingerprint identification, cell phone dual lens, AMOLED , Face recognition and other emerging applications, driven by the expected IC design industry share will continue to grow in 2018 to 38.8%, ranking first place.

Observing China's IC manufacturing industry, there are currently 22 12-inch fabs in China, including 11 under construction, 18 are 8-inch fabs and 5 are under construction. It is estimated that there will be more new plant inputs in 2018 Production stage, the overall output value is expected to further rise, driven by the proportion of IC manufacturing rapid increase in 2018 to 28.48%.

China IC packaging and testing industry based on industry cluster effect, driven by advanced technology evolution, along with the new production line put into operation, China's local packaging and testing plant higher-end packaging technology more mature, the growth of orders and many other favorable factors, the estimated value of the next two years The growth rate will remain at 2 digit level.

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