Re-understand:Smart Manufacturing

- Oct 31, 2017 -

Recently, the US expert Miller Ingenuity president and CEOStevenL.Blue throw a very interesting point: "I do not think that intelligent manufacturing can save the US manufacturing." He claimed to have intelligent factories, from the distribution to the lighting system, to Automated CNC machines are using the latest technology, even from the order inquiry to the accounts receivable are also achieved a digital seamless connection. But he does not mean that this has not embarked on the road to the manufacturing revolution.

As a business owner StevenL.Blue put forward a very novel view, he believes that smart manufacturing needs to start from the top, not the bottom; intelligent manufacturing from the start of a new contract with the staff; intelligent manufacturing from the people, not the machine!

"Many bosses face the problem is that they give up to dig people have the amazing potential, instead of using automation technology. Wrong!" StevenL.Blue stressed the development of intelligent manufacturing, only in the factory information, automation is obvious Incorrect.

"The problem is where the boss sees their employees as sacrificable assets, and what they ought to do is to see them as renewable resources and keep them up and running." StevenL.Blue pointed out to him The solution: first, starting from the top, the establishment of leadership credibility. Second, leaders need to respect their employees. Third, the leadership needs to have the integrity of the quality.

From the point of view of StevenL.Blue, the factory information, automation technology and human resources construction are essential, in upgrading the intelligent manufacturing equipment and technology at the same time, enhance the staff's innovative ideas and training new skills to match is very important, This shows the role of talent in the process of manufacturing innovation.

Talent is the key to intelligent manufacturing

Trend: From an international perspective, in 2013, Oxford conducted a survey of 702 jobs in the United States, and they predicted that 47 percent of employees would be replaced by machines in the next 10 to 20 years; the German government plans to upgrade its manufacturing Intelligent level, the construction of intelligent factories, not only to achieve product intelligence, but also to achieve the full flow of the production process 4.0 industry.

Industrial 4.0

Can the machine really replace people? In the final analysis, the machine is controlled by people. 20 years ago, the manufacturing industry has a variety of types of workmanship, fitter, and in the new era, whether there will be "robot artisans" such a new type of work? Will there be science fiction film The general starting point for imagination is that the future will generally be presented as a "human + robot" combination of labor, and the manufacturing industry needs more advanced technicians and even executives who can "dance with the machine" If you do not know how to create smart, it will be difficult to configure the production resources.

"Smart manufacturing does not mean that the machine substitutions." Phoenix (China) Investment Co., Ltd. President Gu Jian party that the robot can not completely replace the artificial, and intelligent manufacturing and robot itself can not be separated from professional and technical personnel, the birth of the new industrial ecology It is necessary to have a lot of suitable labor. Therefore, if we can not form a smart talent support, companies may fall into the transition trap: a smart factory, but no one operation.

The United States in the advanced manufacturing innovation network analysis pointed out that the US talent and Germany and Japan compared to the lack of a generation to 1.5 generation of manufacturing technology to understand the craftsmen of the team of engineers. The United States has therefore developed a plan aimed at shortening the process of knowledge-to-production technology directly through innovative alliances.

Innovative talent is the most scarce resource

Intelligent manufacturing is the upper and lower full coverage, the whole process of customization of high-tech production, the manufacturing chain of production "reload upgrade", which set a new benchmark for the future development of the manufacturing industry, put forward higher requirements. Talent is the key to intelligent manufacturing, and the words "the second machine revolution" are impressive: Innovative talent is the most scarce resource, they can create new products, new services or new business models, is becoming the market Mainly dominate the power. How to supply adequate and appropriate personnel to meet a large number of talent "just need", probably the most urgent problem.

Ministry of Industry and Industry Minister Miao Wei said at the meeting, the development of intelligent manufacturing, from the personnel training, the concept of renewal, equipment progress, technology upgrading, network support, environmental security and other aspects of the implementation of the overall and system to promote.

"In the intelligent manufacturing process, we can systematically integrate it, but we are in the key products, key technologies, key processes," said Xu Jiabin, a professor of industrial economics at the Renmin University of China and a member of the National Construction Power Strategy Advisory Committee. Heavily dependent on foreign imports, often in the realization of major projects to achieve industrial innovation process, subject to people, must look at people 's face, subject to serious security constraints.

At the World Smart Manufacturing Cooperation Summit held on December 7, the Ministry of Industry and Information released the "Intelligent Manufacturing Development Plan (2016-2020)". "Planning" specifically put forward the top ten key tasks. Including to accelerate the development of intelligent manufacturing equipment; to strengthen the key common technical innovation; to build intelligent manufacturing standard system; to build industrial Internet base; to increase the pilot demonstration and promotion of intelligent manufacturing; to promote intelligent transformation of key areas; to promote intelligent transformation of small and medium enterprises; System; to promote regional intelligent manufacturing collaborative development; to create intelligent manufacturing personnel and so on.

In simple terms, intelligent manufacturing is to connect people, data and machines. It can be seen that the innovative talents are the most critical part of the intelligent manufacturing industry chain - the four elements of intelligent manufacturing: the wisdom of the Internet from the two-dimensional Internet world to three-dimensional virtual world evolution, the most important The role is human intellectual resources.

Intelligent manufacturing three into the enterprise intelligent difficulties in the talent

According to the survey of "China Manufacturing Enterprise Intelligent Manufacturing Status Report", 87% of enterprises recognized that their production lines were facing pressure on rising labor costs. The application of industrial robots to transform production lines became the primary response to the increase in labor costs, followed by the desire to strengthen R & D, value. Of which 85% of the enterprises that the next year may introduce intelligent manufacturing equipment. Thirty percent of companies preparing to introduce intelligent manufacturing equipment will use robots to produce, 23% will be invested in digital monitoring and control systems, 10% of companies want to introduce digital intelligent machine tools, 9% will use 3D printing technology The And they are willing to invest boldly, we found that 51% of the respondents will be the overall investment of at least 10% or more spent in the so-called intelligent manufacturing. In addition, there are more extreme, for example, almost a quarter of the respondents will spend more than 20% of the overall investment in the above. They want to reduce costs, improve efficiency, improve production processes, improve quality and promote technological innovation and upgrades by using smart devices.

Since intelligent manufacturing allows enterprises to achieve small quantities of products, more varieties, shorten the production cycle, lower prices, more optimized resources, higher energy efficiency, higher return on investment, then why 90% of domestic SMEs are still more intelligent In addition to the cost of intelligent upgrades, the business there are some concerns?

Survey data show that nearly 30% of the respondents worried about the existing basic measures or talent can not be matched to adapt to these new production processes; because the machine is not just to sell the simple labor workers, companies need technical workers, special It is a senior technician who can operate various intelligent robots and maintenance machines independently.

The role of people in the intelligent manufacturing process will be transformed by the service provider, the operator into the planner, coordinator, assessor, decision maker, not only need professional and technical personnel to assume the intelligent equipment design, installation, modification, maintenance work, Related information Physical system, new network components for maintenance.

In addition, intelligent production but also on the production equipment model, frame structure, regulations and regulations continue to optimize the corresponding level of management requirements are much higher than in the past.

With the change in the role and role of people in manufacturing, the requirements of intelligent manufacturing to the professional level of employees are getting higher and higher. More emphasis on technical specialty, skilled workplace is gradually reduced, and active job is more and more. In order to better introduce intelligent equipment to improve production efficiency, companies need to reserve and develop more data science, software development, hardware engineering, testing, operations and marketing and other aspects of highly skilled personnel and management personnel.

In the traditional manufacturing transformation and upgrading of the critical stage, more and more enterprises will face "equipment easy to get, talent is hard to find" the embarrassing situation. This is also the core of StevenL.Blue's view - having an intelligent factory does not mean that it has embarked on the road of manufacturing revolution.

Therefore, to achieve intelligent manufacturing talent to cultivate first. Intelligent manufacturing "wisdom" is the information, digital, "can" is the ability to manufacture lean, intelligent manufacturing is the core of the cultivation of intelligent talent, from the cultivation of lean talent to the cultivation of intelligent talent, the transition and go May also be the most important problem faced by manufacturing companies.

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