Suppliers Are More Important Than Banks

- Jan 10, 2019 -

Suppliers are more important than banks, please be kind to suppliers! 

A good supplier is more important than a bank. If you go to a bank loan to find someone, you will not be able to make a loan. The interest is not low. If you don't pay back due, you have to sue you! And suppliers, as long as you are honest, will not support you! 

Suppliers are real experts in their own fields, and the development of enterprises is inseparable from the support of suppliers in terms of technology and solutions. Suppliers also have a large amount of resources in the industry. It is also beneficial to share resources and establish a good reputation in the industry. 

Suppliers can provide high-quality products and services, which are derived from suppliers' investment in R&D, production, sales, after-sales, management, and employee quality. Being kind to the supplier also reflects that you are a company with a conscience, and the employees will believe in the promise of the company leader. Pay attention to suppliers and use both parties to solve problems together. Treating suppliers is the same as treating customers. It is definitely beneficial to the healthy development of people, self and industry. 

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