Talking About Wind Power Reliability

- Oct 27, 2017 -

2012 issued by the State Council "Quality Development Program (2011-2020)" clearly proposed in the automotive, machine tools, rail transportation, power generation equipment, components and basic pieces of key industries such as the implementation of reliability improvement project. By 2020, China's one million kilowatts of nuclear power equipment, new energy power generation equipment, high-speed EMU, high-end CNC machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment and a number of major equipment reliability reached the international advanced level.

China's wind power industry rapid development, the total installed capacity in 2016 amounted to 169 million kilowatts, ranking first in the world. But with the use of wind power more and more harsh environment, the owners pay more and more attention to measurement costs, so the choice of wind power equipment manufacturers when looking forward to higher reliability of wind power equipment, longer life. Not only that, wind power equipment manufacturers also eager to less maintenance products, life-free maintenance; power grid also hope that non-stop, stable output. As a result, to improve product reliability as a common desire and the pursuit of everyone!

So what is reliability? Define reliability according to national standard GB-6583: The ability of the product to perform the specified function within the specified conditions and within the specified time. "Specified function", obviously should be the product has the characteristics of the function. To complete the required function, is to meet certain requirements, that is, meet the clear and implied customer requirements. Reliability emphasizes that the performance of the product meets the specific requirements under the terms "prescribed conditions" and "prescribed time". The "specified conditions" are related to the product's use parameters, and the "specified time" is related to maintaining the length of the product quality performance period. It can be seen that reliability is the quality of a timeline with the quality of the life cycle.

For example, the daily illness to the hospital to see a doctor, in addition to injections to take these processes, may also encounter medical disputes, the doctor can cure our disease This is a reliability problem, medicine called cure rate or survival rate. Everyday we will buy all kinds of insurance, insurance, what insurance? Paul is the risk of the crisis, the occurrence of the crisis may be a chance problem, that is, reliability problems, reliability issues reflect some of our things more confident, for some other things may be more unsure. Bluntly, do reliability is to avoid future potential risks.

At the beginning of 2017, the wind power group officially launched the reliability project, the project from the reliability of pioneer training, reliability design, reliability improvement, reliability data management analysis, FMEA application of five parts, through the scientific reliability of engineering technology, and strive to enhance product reliability Sex. Among them, the reliability design to 3.0MW new development project as the carrier; reliability improvement to the blade & wind speed wind instrument & yaw soft starter & coupling project as the carrier; FMEA application to the coupling as the carrier, through the specific reliability Project in the project practice to find the gap between the wind power group and the industry leader. Combined with the actual situation of wind power, comb and establish a complete set of reliability system construction process.

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