Thanksgiving Day Is Coming

- Oct 18, 2018 -

Another Thanksgiving Day is coming.

I always believe that Thanksgiving day should be a global holiday, regardless of the country, regardless of race, because there will always be one person or one thing to make you grateful whenever and wherever.

When we are born, we are grateful for the parenting of the parents. When we study, we are grateful for the cultivation of the teacher. When we work, we are grateful for the employer’s grace.

A guest from Indonesia will always report the product working at the first time after receiving the frequency inverter or soft starter. Because he is a kind man and he knows that I always care of the working status of the products. Every time when he says "working well", you will feel that this is the best compliment in the world.

A guest from Mongolia is a cute girl who speaks fluent Chinese. She always sends blessings in various Chinese festivals. Her silver bell-like laughter will always make me bulge more courage.

A guest from Bangladesh will respond promptly whenever you say "Hi", and always with the laughter of "hahaha". He is a very careful person, not just only business,but also care about you and your family like a friend.

A guest from Peru bought a frequency converter from other places. Because of various reasons, the components were damaged. When he found us in many ways, he was very anxious. We set up a team in time to solve problems for him. He kept saying. "Thank you, thank you very much, thank you again. . ."

They are far away at the other end of the network, however, they are firmly in our hearts. Their good and friendly blessings, and gratitude have inspired us to keep moving forward,it makes us to become more professional.Like the inverter from Aubo, it improves the running and life of the motor,and saves more energy.

Thanks a lot for their trust.

Every time, I silently said in my heart: "Thank you, because with you, we will become better!"

With a grateful heart, you can see a bright moon hanging in your heart.

thanksgiving day

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