The Application Of Aubo VFD In Water Plants

- Nov 06, 2018 -

In the water supply of water plants, the water supply pressure is an important operational indicator. The water supply pressure is constant within a certain range during the peak and low water supply periods, and there can be no large fluctuation, which requires the water supply pump to have the function of providing different water supply volumes with pressure changes.

If automatic adjustment cannot be achieved and only a constant water supply is used, in addition to failing to meet the water supply pressure, a large amount of electric energy is wasted during the operation of the trough. The adjustment of the water supply capacity of the pump needs to be realized by the control of the pump motor.

Since the introduction of the VFD technology, the water supply system has been widely recognized, and the VFD technology has been used as the main equipment for the motor to maintain constant speed operation and energy saving. 

The AC motor uses the inverter technology in the normal working process, not only can we maximize the saving of resources and energy, but also improve the production quality and reduce the harm to the environment while improving the process and reducing energy consumption.

aubo vfd in water application

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