The First Three-in-one Light Storage Charging Road In The Word , The Car Is Charging While Running

- Nov 01, 2018 -

On October 18th, 15 world energy innovation demonstration projects such as “three-in-one” electronic highway and green charging and replacement power station were put into operation in China, demonstrating advanced energy technologies and forming a low-carbon smart energy utilization model to guide the important direction of future energy transformation.


This is a smart highway that does not power off. The magic of the road is that it “charges while running” and will not affect travel because of its weak endurance. The black part on both sides of the road is the photovoltaic road surface, and the green part in the middle is the dynamic wireless charging transmitting coil area. When the car is driving on the top, the receiving coil at the bottom can receive the energy from the ground transmitting coil, thereby achieving wireless charging.


Entering the car, you can't see the steering wheel, there is no throttle brake, only a tablet monitor. Next to the staff introduced that after they started the program on the tablet, the car was exercised according to the set route. The speed is about 10-20 km/h. If there are obstacles in front, the vehicle will automatically avoid obstacles.

State Grid Co., Ltd. staff said that this is the world's first application to integrate photovoltaic road, wireless charging and driverless technology. It uses a new transparent concrete flexible material with a bearing capacity of more than 50 tons. When it snows, the road surface can melt snow and ice on its own, and there is intelligent guidance of the LED road.


The “three-in-one” electronic highway can be applied to closed areas such as factories, scenic areas, and parks to achieve driverless and wireless charging.

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