Toshiba Decided To Sell Westinghouse Electric

- Nov 22, 2017 -

Toshiba's recent bad days have been well known, and the origin of the problem is from the Toshiba subsidiary and electronics company Westinghouse's problems. Due to the loophole, Toshiba has not been able to make a firm decision to divest Westinghouse. To avoid being delisted, Toshiba announced Sunday that it will find 600 billion yen worth of IPO shares, and that the flesh stop study strips off the related assets of Westinghouse Electric. Do not play Toshiba decided to cut meat stop selling Westinghouse Electric

In the announcement issued by Toshiba, the sale of Westinghouse will help Toshiba significantly reduce its current spending on investing in the rebirth of Westinghouse Electric that can be spent on new business. Toshiba is expected to use the funds found in the stock, the company currently has 750 billion yen in assets and liabilities inside the fiscal year before the smooth out, so that Toshiba from the delisting risk.

Toshiba from 2015, Westinghouse's loss of billions of dollars has been under great financial pressure, and even the risk of delisting, even if Toshiba has successfully sold its most valuable chip sector, the funds are still very Hard to put in place before the end of fiscal year in March next year, so Toshiba's current dilemma still can not be resolved. Toshiba sells chips in addition to facing the regulatory authorities in various countries approved the problem, the stalled Western data is also a major drag.

Fortunately, if Toshiba smoothly strip Westinghouse, the 142-year-old veteran Japanese company can at least get out of the big quagmire, or be forced to withdraw from the market may cause Toshiba a fatal blow.

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