VFD Application

- Jan 03, 2019 -

VFD Application

Variable Frequency Drive is a kind of device to maintain motor safely usage.

It can keep a stable rotation speed to protect the motor from being damaged.

When operated the motor generates in a relevant high voltage and ampere instant mechanic energy can lead huge loss that will shorten device life. The variable frequency drive invented accordingly. The variable frequency drive can apply in thermal industry, mining and metallurgy industry, water supply and wastewater industry, cement manufacturing, manufacturing industry, petrochemical industry and other industry.

Usually we can equip with a set system for you. They include cabinets and fiber communication/I cloud internet connection. Only if you have internet there and we can realize remote control. With wifi we can connect with HMI, computers and mobiles. Whereas with fiber we can use computer to surf.

We have extremely professional engineers for your quality gurantee. We participated with many projects aboard and have the honor to rise our scheme for referrence. All VFDs are CE&ISO approval. High latitude we need to lower rate to use the VFD and they can only be used in suitable environments, the stipulated ambient temperature.

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