VFD Characteristics&Precaution

- Jan 03, 2019 -

VFD Characteristics&Precaution

The AVF580 series AC drive incorporates the following improvements.

1. Multiple Voltage Classes
single-phase 220V , three-phase 220V, three phase 380V,
three-phase 480V, three-phase 690V, three phase 1140V 
2. Control Of Asynchronous Motor And PMSM
vector control of three phase AC asynchronous motor
three-phase AC PMSM
3. Diversified Control Modes
3 control modes: sensorless flux vector control(SFVC)
closed-loop vector control (CLVC)
V/F control
4. Multiple communication protocols
Modbus-RTU, profibus-DP, canlink and canopen
5. Multiple Encoder Types
differential encoder, open-controller encoder, resolver, UVW encoder
6. All-New SFVC Algorithm
all-new sensorless flux vector control (SFVC) algorithm
(better low speed stability enhanced low frequency loading capacity, torque control)
7. User Programmable Function
Ladder diagram programming environment : HIU service PLC 
8. Advanced Background Software
parameter upload &download and a real time oscilloscope

Usually we can couple our VFDs with cabinets to realize remote control.
We have fiber communication and internet cloud control via PLC according to your requests. 
In order to keep our VFD in safe usage environments we need you to lower the ambient temperature between -10°C to 40°C.

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