What If The Soft Starter Is Flooded?

- Jul 27, 2017 -

In summer, the rainy season, so some outdoor soft starter will inevitably have water into the inside, or encountered water immersion and so on.

What if the soft starter is in the water?

The best solution is to soft start back to the factory maintenance, water inlet soft start to large test, and finally to determine whether to use or can not use. Soft start and soft start control, the motherboard will also be exposed to the overhaul and baking, to confirm that can be returned to the scene after use.

If the scene is more urgent, you can handle it yourself.

When the soft starter is immersed in water, never put on the tester immediately.  This is very important. If the boot is started, the residual water will cause the soft starter to short-circuit and cause the soft starter to be burned out.

Then open the shell, remove the circuit board, and clean up the stains. Must not dry before the power, and if it is too dirty to see, it is best to use alcohol to wash the circuit board, and then use an electric hair dryer, dry in the dry place, to ensure that there is no moisture residue.

If you can not handle it, it is recommended to return to the factory repair, because if handled improperly, may be directly burned out, soft start, may also burn the motor.

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