200kw Soft Starter For Motor 11kw 50kw 90kw

200kw Soft Starter For Motor 11kw 50kw 90kw

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AST1 Soft Starter description

AST1 series smart motor soft starter is new equipment based on the latest motor control theory, proprietary motor protection technology and advanced software technology. It's the ideal replacement of former starting equipment such as star/delta transformation, auto transformer voltage reduction,

and magnetic control voltage reduction, etc. Its performance is far beyond that of most ordinary soft starters in the marketplace which do not include the intelligent starting control technology.

Power: : 5.5KW-630KW

Voltage:3AC 220V-690V

1、Reduce the motor's starting current effectively, reduce the capacity of power distribution and avoid investment of grid expansion.

2、Reduce the starting stress of motor and load equipment'; Prolong the motor and related equipment's service life.

3、Soft stop function can effectively solve surge problem during stop of inertial systems that traditional starting

equipment can't achieve.

4、It has six unique starting modes to suit the complex motor and load condition to achieve perfect start effect.

5、Complete and reliable protection function protects the motor and related production equipment to be used safely.

6、The intelligent of motor soft starter and the application of network technology makes the motor control technology adapt to the higher requirements of fast developing power automation technology.

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