Aucom Soft Starter For Motor

Aucom Soft Starter For Motor

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Product Details

AuCom’s CSX Series soft starters provide greater control over the starting and stopping of three phase motors.

There are two product ranges: the CSX for a simple soft start control device,or the CSXi for an advanced soft start system complete with motor protection.

Product details



Compact Design

The CSX soft starter is a compact unit suitable for mounting in a switchboard or Motor Control Centre without the need for an external bypass contactor. At only 165mm deep it is easy to mount in shallow switchboards. For motors up to 60 A, soft starters can be mounted on a DIN-rail. Or the CSX may be mounted in a bank horizontally to use less space, often critical in certain switchboards.

Simple to use

CSX series soft starters are easy to use with as only three adjustments to be made to get started:

initial start time

start ramp time

soft stop ramp time

Adjustments are made using simple rotary switches. The CSXi soft starters allow more control over starts and stops with 7 adjustment controls.

Built-in Bypass function

CSX soft starters are equipped with integrated bypass function. The internal bypass function allow CSX starters to be easily installed into switchboards or motor control cubicles without need for extra ventilation or external bypass contactors. Makes installation simple, reduces ventilation

requirements and overall installation cost.


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