AMVS Series 2.3kv 3.3kv 4.16kv 6kv 7.2kv 10kv 11kv Medium Voltage High Voltage Motor Soft Starter

AMV-SV series is the computerized digital soft starter for MV AC motor , with Chinese display. Its system uses the advanced single chip microcomputer, PLC controller and color touch screen HMI and high voltage power electronic semiconductor devices and modern control technology to integrate a...

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Product Details

Feature of Medium voltage soft starter. 

1).Initial voltage of starting can be set flexibly according to the actual situation and demand of the equipment.

2)The initial start voltage, start time and starting current limit can be set in the upper part of the color LCD touch screen, while the soft stop deceleration time can be freely set according to the requirements of the load characteristics, in order to meet the soft start and stop working conditions of various equipment and motors.

3)Multiple starting modes (reduced voltage starting and constant current starting) can be used to satisfy the possible demands of all kinds of equipment's starting.

4)Complete motor running protection function, to ensure the equipment's safe operation.

5)easy to learn about the equipment's total run time and to conduct regular maintenance.

6)The running parameters are all displayed on colored HMI with Chinese text, which is easy to set parameters.


AMV-SVseries support the needs of one soft starter starts multiple motors. Please consult the service staff for the details.

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