motor soft starter for air compressor

motor soft starter for air compressor

Magnetic Starter, Starter,Motor Soft Starter manufacturer / supplier in China, offering 22kw AC380V 50Hz Intelligent Motor Soft Starter, motor soft starter for air compressor and so on.

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Product Details

Basic Info

  • Model NO.:AST1 Series

  • Power: 22kw

  • Rated voltage:3AC380V

  • Standard adaptive motor capacity

  • Specification: ISO9000; CE

  • Origin: China

Product Description

Why choose us?

16 Years - we are professional manufacture of soft starter for 16 years.

? 16 Years - We have 16 years’ experience of OEM and ODM.

? 8 Patents - We got 8 patents in the electrical industry.

? 100% & 12H - We guarantee 100% in 12 hours reply to our customers.

? Our Honor - We got the title of provincial science and technology enterprises.

? Professional Team - Our engineers have more than 7 years experience in industry.

? Powerful Production Capacity - we can offer a large quality products each month.


Protective function and Feature:

1. Provide smooth and gradual advancing starting process for motor, reduce the impulse ofstarting current to electrical network, diminish equipment's vibration and noise, lengthen theservice life of machine's transmission, and improve workers' working conditions._Starting current can be adjusted according to load to reduce the starting loss, and get the besttorque at the minimum current.
2. Soft stop greatly lengthens the electrical contact' service life and meets the requirements ofmachines on different occasions.
3. Bearing over-current, over-load, phase shorting of power supply, etc. multiple protection toensure the safety of both equipment and electrical motor.
4. The output voltage of soft starting device rises in accordance with the assumed rules; to makethe controlled electrical motor torque finish starting process under the optimal accelerating curve,then exit thyristor module to let bypass contactor work.
5. Convenient outside control interface provide various functions: digital delay starting control,soft stop control input, starting delay relay output, faults relay output._Phase sequence can be identified automatically and owns the phase sequence protectingfunction.

6. With the standard RS485 interface.
7. Novel structure, small size, reliable performance, simple installation and operation.



1. Adopt sixteen Single-Chip computer all-digital automation control.
2. The connection mode of major loop is six in, three out to realize on-line protection of the wholeseries.
3. Major devices adopt the silicon-controlled modules manufactured by Infineon from Germany ; CPU adopts Philips' CMOS chip._Starting torque'current, voltage, time can be set flexibly according to different load to attainthe first.
4. rank current impulse and torque control.


1. Water Pump: with the help of water pump's control function to reduce the water
- hammeringphenomenon when switching on and cutting off, and save the cost of system maintenance.
2. Ball Mill: by means of double slopes voltage starting to reduce the abrasion of gear torque andthe maintenance workload, economize time and save cost.
3. Fan: soft starter replaced the traditional starter to reduce strap fretting and machine impact,save the cost of maintenance.
4. Compressor: make use of the current limiting starting or double slopes starting to realizesmooth starting, reduce motor heating to lengthen its service life.
5. Crusher: make use of locked rotor and swift protection to avoid mechanical failure or block,which will cause electromotor superheating to result in burning.
6. Conveying Machinery: running by soft starting and presetting at low speed to realize the smoothand gradual superconducting overall process and avoid the replacement of products and liquidspilling

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