0.75kw Single Phase 220v Variable Frequency Drive

0.75kw Single Phase 220v Variable Frequency Drive

size: 125*185*160mm, weight: 18kg

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Product Details

Input voltage: single phase 220v AC

Output voltage: three phase 0~rated input voltage

Rated power: 0.75kw (1HP)
Rated current: 4.5amp

Self Learning of Motor Parameters

Fault Display

3、Detail Function Description

3.1、 Basic Parameters

F0 Basic function group

Code Name Range



Control Mode

0〜2【0 】

To select the running mode of the drive.

0:vector control without PG

It means the open loop vector control, suitable for general high performance

application where PG is not installed. Thus one drive works only for one motor,for the load

like machine tool,centrifugal machine,drawbench,injection molding machine, etc.。