1.5kw Single Phase 220v Variable Frequency Drive

1.5kw Single Phase 220v Variable Frequency Drive

size: 125*185*160mm weight:1.8kg

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Product Details

Input voltage: single phase 220v

Output voltage: three phase 0~rated input voltage

Rated power: 1.5kw (2HP)

Rated current: 7amp

In run mode,if the keyRUN & STOP/RST are pressed at the same time,the

drive could be stopped in free wheel.

1:Terminal command channel (“LOCAL/REMOT”flashing);

AUBOCHINA AVF508 Vector Control Variable Speed Drive

6 / 62

Through the command of input terminals of rotate, reverse-rotate.jog, reverse-jog,

etc,to run the drive.

2:Communication command channel (“LOCAL/REMOT”flashing);

The run command is given by upper layer computer for the control via communication.

Code Name Range


UP/DOWN setting by key

and by terminal