1.5kw Single Phase 220v Variable Speed Drive

1.5kw Single Phase 220v Variable Speed Drive

size: 125*185*160mm weight:1.8kg

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Product Details

Input voltage: single phase 220v

Output voltage: three phase 0~rated input voltage

Rated power: 1.5kw (2HP)

Rated current: 7amp

By configuring the function of key“▲”and“▼”, and of terminals UP/DOWN (frequency set

point up/ down),set the frequency with the highest authority. It can combine with the

frequency set point from other access, mainly to slightly adjust the output frequency of

the drive during system commissioning.

0: Effective. The setpoint is to be stored during power off. Frequency setpoint can

be set. When the drive is powered off, the frequency value is stored, and it works

together with the default frequency setpoint automatically when the power resumes.