220v 1.5kw 1ph to 3ph VFD

220v 1.5kw 1ph to 3ph VFD

size: 125*185*160mm weight:1.8kg

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Product Details

Basic Data

Input voltage: single phase 220v

Output voltage: three phase 0~rated input voltage

Rated power: 1.5kw (2HP)

Rated current: 7amp

1.5kw 1ph to 3ph 220v VFD

Peripheral interface

 Programmable digital input:6 ;

 Programmable analog input:AI1:-10~10V,AI2:0~10V or 0~20mA;

 Open collector output:1;

 Relay output:1;

 Analog output:1,optional for 0~20mA or 0~10V;

1.5kw 1ph to 3ph 220v VFD


the AVF580 series AC drive incorporates the following improvements:

1) Multiple voltage classes.

It provides coverage of single-phase 220 V, three-phase 220 V, three-phase 380V, three-phase 480 V, three-phase 690 V and three-phase 1140 V.

2) Control of asynchronous motor and PMSM
It supports vector control of three-phase AC asynchronous motor and three-phase AC PMSM.

3) Diversified control modes
It supports three control modes, namely, sensorless flux vector control (SFVC), closedloop vector control (CLVC) and V/F control.

4) Multiple communication protocols
It supports communication via Modbus-RTU, PROFIBUS-DP, CANlink and CANopen.

5) Multiple encoder types
It supports various encoders such as differential encoder, open-collector encoder,resolver and UVW encoder.

6) All-new SFVC algorithm
It introduces an all-new sensorless flux vector control (SFVC) algorithm that gives better low-speed stability, enhanced low-frequency loading capacity, and supports torque control.

7) User programmable function
The AVF58PC1 programmable card enables you to write programs in ladder diagram. Its programming environment is compatible with that of the H1U series PLC.

8) Advanced background software
The background monitoring software helps to achieve functions of parameter upload & download and a real-time oscilloscope.

9) Other new functions:Motor overheat protection,Rapid current limit,Multi-motor switchover etc.