Factory supply 11kw China VFD

Factory supply 11kw China VFD

size: 265*390*290mm weight:6kg

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Product Details

Product introduction

Name:Factory supply 11kw China VFD

Input voltage: three phase 380v

Output voltage: three phase 0~rated input voltage

Rated power: 11kw (15HP)

Rated current: 25amp

Installation Environment Requirements

Ambient temperature: -10°C to +50°C

Heat dissipation: Install the vfd on the surface of an incombustible object, and ensure that there is sufficient space around for heat dissipation. Install the vfd vertically on the support using screws.

Mounting location: Free from direct sunlight, high humidity and condensation

                                Free from corrosive, explosive and combustible gas

                                Free from oil dirt, dust and metal powder

Vibration : Less than 0.6 g , Far away from the punching machine or the like

Protective enclosure: The AVF580 series vfd of plastic housing are the whole unit built-in products operated through remote control and need to be installed in the final system.The final system must have the required fireproof cover, electrical protective cover and mechanical protective cover, and satisfy the regional laws & regulations and related IEC requirements. Wiring of the vfd main circuit.

Wiring of the VFD main circuit

11kw China vfd wiring.png

wiring 3.png

wiring 2.png

wiring 4.png

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