Gold supplier 2.2kw VFD

Gold supplier 2.2kw VFD

size: 125*185*160mm weight:1.8kg

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Product Details

Product introduction

1. Input voltage: single phase 220v

2. Output voltage: three phase 0~rated input voltage

3. Rated power: 2.2kw (3HP)

4. Rated current: 9.5amp

5. Control of asynchronous motor and PMSM
6. Diversified control modes
7. Multiple communication protocols
8. Multiple encoder types
9. All-new SFVC algorithm
10.User programmable function
11. Advanced background software
12.More functions, please Click here to contact us.

Directives and Standards

Directive Code
EMC Directive

EN 61800-3

EN 55011

EN 61000-6-2

LVD Directive
EN 61800-5-1

Designation rules and nameplate

Components of the AVF580

The AVF580 series AC drives have two housing types, plastic housing and sheet
metal housing, according to different voltage and power classes.

Voltage & Power Class
Housing Type
Single-phase 220 V
0.4–2.2 kW
Plastic housing
Three-phase 220 V
0.4–7.5 kW
Plastic housing
11–75 kW
Sheet metal housing
Three-phase 380 V
0.75–15 kW
Plastic housing
18.5–450 kW
Sheet metal housing
Three-phase 480 V
0.75–15 kW
Plastic housing
18.5–400 kW
Sheet metal housing
Three-phase 690 V
55–2000 kW
Sheet metal housing

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