Chinese 22kw SPWM VFD

Chinese 22kw SPWM VFD

Chinese 22kw SPWM VFD size: 295*435*265mm weight:21kg

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Product Details

Chinese 22kw SPWM VFD

Input voltage: three phase 380v

Output voltage: three phase 0~rated input voltage

Rated power: 22kw (30HP)

Rated current: 45amp

Chinese vfd

Altogether there are 7 channels for the drive’s analog frequency setpoint

0:set point by keypad

By changing the value of function code F0.07,”Keypad Setpoint Frequency”, the

frequency is thus set by keypad.

1:Analog set point AI1

2:Analog set point AI2

3:Analog set point AI1+AI2

The frequency is set by the analog input terminal. This series of drive provides 2 analog input terminals as standard, among them AI1 is 0~10V voltage input, and AI2 can be 0〜10V/0〜20mA input. Current / voltage input could be switched by the jumper J16.

Note:When analog AI2 is selected as 0〜20mA input,20mA is corresponding to

voltage 5V. The 100% of analog input setpoint is corresponding to the max. frequency(F0.04),-100.0% is corresponding to the max. reverse frequency.

4:Multi-speed running setting

When this kind of frequency setting is selected, the drive runs with multi-speed.It’s necessary to configure the parameters of group F5 and of "Multi-speed control group" FA to decide the corresponding relationship between the given percentage and the given frequency.

5:PID Control setting

Choosing this parameter makes the drive run with PID control.Now it’s necessary to configure group F9 and “PID control group”. The running frequency of the drive is the frequency after PID is applied. Among them , the definition of set point source of PID , the setpoint value, the source of feedback should refer to group F9 for “PID function”introduction.

6:Remote Communication Setting

The frequency setpoint is given by upper layer computer via communication. Refer Section 11 for communication protocol.

7:Setpoint by Keypad Simulating Potentiometer

The frequency setpoint is given by Keypad Simulating Potentiometer. Many feature parameters are the borrowed ones from AI2.

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