45kw 380v To 415v Variable Frequency Drive

45kw 380v To 415v Variable Frequency Drive

size: 380*580*300mm weight:34kg

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Product Details

Input voltage: three phase 380v

Output voltage: three phase 0~rated input voltage

Rated power: 45kw (60HP)

Rated current: 91amp

Function features

 Frequency setting method:digital setpoint,analog setpoint,serial communication

setpoint,multi-speed,PID setpoint, etc;

 PID control;

 Multi-speed control:8 speed levels;

 Frequency swing function;

 Non-stop for a instaneous power-off;

 QUICK/JOG:multi-functional quick key defined by user freely;

AUBOCHINA AVF508 Vector Control Variable Speed Drive

3 / 62

 Voltage auto-tuning : When supply voltage varies, the output voltage keeps

constant automatically;

 Protections for more than 25 faults:over current、overvoltage、under voltage、

over temperature、phase loss、overload,etc;