Trade Assurance Supplier 5.5kw oem vfd

Trade Assurance Supplier 5.5kw oem vfd

Trade Assurance Supplier 5.5kw oem vfd size: 150*240*180mm weight:3.2kg

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Product Details

Product Introduction

Trade Assurance Supplier 5.5kw oem vfd

Input voltage: three phase 380v

Output voltage: three phase 0~rated input voltage

Rated power: 5.5kw (7HP)

Rated current: 13amp

5.5kw OEM vfd

AVF580 series oem vfd incorporates the following improvements:

1) Multiple voltage classes.It provides coverage of single-phase 220 V, three-phase 220 V, three-phase 380

V, three-phase 480 V, three-phase 690 V and three-phase 1140 V.

2) Control of asynchronous motor and PMSM

3) Diversified control modes

4) Multiple communication protocols

5) Multiple encoder types

6) All-new SFVC algorithm

7) User programmable function

8) Advanced background software

9) Other new functions

The newly added functions of the AVF580 series oem vfd are described as below:

Function DescriptionDescription
Multi-motor switchover

Four motors can be switched over via four groups of motor parameters.

Restoring user parameters

It allows you to save or restore the parameters set by yourself.

Higher-accuracy AI/AO

The AI/AO accuracy can reach almost 20 mv via factory correction or on-site correction.

Customized parameter display

You can customize the parameters that need to be displayed.

Modified parameter displayYou can view the modified parameters.

Operation selection at fault


You can select the reaction of the AC drive to a fault

occurring, based on the actual need. The reactions are as below:

• Coast to stop

• Decelerate to stop

• Continue to run

You can also select the frequency at which the AC drive

continues to run.

PID parameters switchover

Two groups of PID parameters can be switched over

via terminals or can be automatically switched over according to deviation.

PID feedback loss detection

The PID feedback loss value can be set to realize PID


DI/DO positive or negativelogic You can set the DI/DO positive or negative logic.
DI/DO response delayYou can set DI/DO response delay time.
Power dip ride through

It ensures that the AC drive continues to run for a short

time when an instantaneous power failure or sudden

voltage reduction occurs.

Timing operation

The AC drive supports timing operation for 6500 minutes at maximum.

User programmable functionThe externally connected programmable card helps you to realize secondary development.
Load allocation

Load allocation can be implemented between two AVF580 series oem vfd through point-to-point communication.

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