15hp 3 Phase 220v To 380v 11kw Inverter Vfd Drive

15hp 3 Phase 220v To 380v 11kw Inverter Vfd Drive

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Product Introduction
variable frequency drive

Advantages of the inverter vfd

  1. Energy saving by frequency conversion

Since the frequency conversion is adopted, the energy saving effect of the fan and pump load is the most obvious, and the power saving rate can reach 20%~60%. This is because the power consumption of the fan pump is proportional to the cube of the speed, when the user needs When the average flow rate is small, the speed of the fan and the water pump is low, and the energy saving effect is also considerable. When the traditional baffle and valve are used for flow regulation, the power consumption does not change much. Because of this kind of load, the AC motor accounts for a large amount. The total capacity is 20%~30%, and their energy saving is very important.

For some constant torque loads running at low speed, such as conveyor belts, frequency conversion speed regulation can also save energy. After that, the original speed regulation method consumes a larger one (such as winding rotor motor), the original speed regulation The method is more complicated, and the efficiency is lower (such as the planer, etc.), after the frequency conversion speed regulation is adopted, the energy saving effect is also obvious.

2.  Advantages of variable frequency speed regulation in motor operation

The frequency conversion speed regulation is easy to realize the positive and negative rotation of the motor. It is only necessary to change the switching sequence of the inverter vfd tube inside the inverter vfd to realize the output commutation, and there is no problem that the motor is burned due to improper commutation.

Most of the frequency conversion speed control system starts from low speed, the frequency is low, and the deceleration time can be set arbitrarily. Therefore, the deceleration time is relatively flat, the starting current is small, and the higher frequency start and stop can be performed.

When the variable frequency speed control system is braking, the inverter vfd can use its own braking circuit to consume the energy of the mechanical load on the braking resistor, or feed back to the power supply grid. However, it is necessary to add special accessories to the grid, and the investment is large. In addition, the inverter vfd also has a DC braking function. When braking is required, the inverter vfd applies a DC voltage to the motor to brake, so there is no need to add a brake control circuit.

3.  Applications for the purpose of improving process level and product quality

In addition to the application of fans and pumps, frequency control can be widely used in various mechanical equipment control fields such as conveying, winding, lifting, extrusion, machine tools, etc. It can improve the production rate of odd products and prolong the production rate. The normal working cycle and service life of the equipment simplify the operation and control system, and some can even change the original process specifications and improve the overall equipment control level.