220V 1.5KW 3 Phase Variable Frequency Inverter

220V 1.5KW 3 Phase Variable Frequency Inverter

INTERFACE FEATURES OF AC DRIVE: u Programmable DI:6 inputs; u Programmable AI:AI1:-10~10V input,AI2:0~10V or 0~20mA input; u Open Collector Output:1 output; u Relay Output:1 output; u Analog Output:1 output,optional ,0~20mA or 0~10V;

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The features of variable frequency inverter : 


1. Programmable DI:6  inputs;


2. Programmable AI:AI1:-10~10V input,AI2:0~10V or 0~20mA input;


3. Open Collector Output:1 output;


4.  Relay Output:1 output;


5. Analog Output:1 output,optional ,0~20mA or 0~10V;

The function of variable frequency inverter:

the variable frequency inverter is mainly to adjust the power of the motor and realize the variable speed operation of the motor to achieve the purpose of power saving. At the same time, the variable frequency inverter can reduce the voltage fluctuation of the power line, because the voltage drop will cause the voltage sensitive device in the same power supply network to trip or work abnormally. After the inverter is used, can be started gradually at zero frequency and zero voltage, which can eliminate the voltage drop to the greatest extent and exert greater advantages.

At the same time, the variable frequency inverter also includes the following functions:

1. It can reduce the impact on the power grid, and it will not cause the problem of excessive peak-to-valley difference.

2. The acceleration function can be controlled to smoothly accelerate according to the needs of the user.

3. The motor and equipment stop mode can be controlled, making the whole equipment and system more secure and the life expectancy will increase accordingly.

4. Control the starting current of the motor, fully reduce the starting current, and reduce the maintenance cost of the motor.

5. It can reduce the wear of mechanical transmission components, thereby reducing procurement costs and improving system stability.

6. Reduced motor starting current, providing a more reliable variable voltage and frequency.

7. Effectively reduce reactive power loss and increase the active power of the power grid.

8. Optimize the process and change rapidly according to the process. It can also realize the speed change through remote control PLC or other controllers.

9. Multiple protection makes the frequency converter highly intelligent, not only can protect its own safe and normal use, but also greatly protect the safe operation of the front and rear equipment.

10. Complete control functions, can be well matched with other control equipment and instruments, realize centralized real-time monitoring and control of systematic networking, and integrated development, saving users the trouble of system selection and saving system cost.

variable frequency inverter

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