220v 380v Motor Control Ac Vfd Drives

220v 380v Motor Control Ac Vfd Drives

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Product Details

Product introduction

Variable Frequency Drive,abbreviation is VFD. We also call them,Frequency converter,Variable speed drive(VSD), adjustable frequency drive,ac drive,frequency inverter , adjustable speed drive,and ac inverter.



input voltage range


input frequency range

47~63 Hz

output voltage range

0~ rated input voltage

output frequency range

0~600 Hz

Speed ratio

vector control without PG;1:100

Speed control accuracy


Control Mode

Vector control without PG,V/F control

Overload Capacity

150% FLC for 60s;180% FLC for 10s

Start Torque

vector control without PG;0.5Hz/150%(SVC)

Carrier Frequency


Frequency setpoint options

digital,analog,serial comms,multi-level speed , PID, etc;PID control;

Speed Control Accuracy

vector cotrol without PG ,±0.5% max. speed;

multi-level speed  control

8 speed levels


functional quick button to be defined by user freely

voltage auto-tuning

When the power supply viberates, the output voltage is kept constant 


More than 25 protections

Over current, over voltage, under voltage, over temperature, phase loss, 

over load, etc.


Non-stop during instaneous power off

the AVF580 series vfd drives incorporates the following improvements:

1) Multiple voltage classes.

2) Control of asynchronous motor and PMSM

3) Diversified control modes

4) Multiple communication protocols

5) Multiple encoder types

6) All-new SFVC algorithm

7) User programmable function

8) Advanced background software

9) Other new functions

     Virtual I/O

     Motor overheat protection

     Rapid current limit

     Multi-motor switchover

     Restoring user parameters

     Higher-accuracy AI/AO

     Customized parameter display

     Modified parameter display

     Operation selection at fault occurrence

     PID parameters switchover

     PID feedback loss detection

     DI/DO positive or negative logic

     DI/DO response delay

     Power dip ride through

     Timing operation

     User programmable function

     Load allocation


ISO9000.jpgCE certificateCE certificateCCC certificate


1. Boiler drum, Induced draft fan, Mine exhaust fan;

 2. Energy-saving central air conditioning, Energy-saving air compressor

 3. Mechanical equipment, Conveyor

 4. Oil injection pump, Oil transfer pump;Circulating pump, water supply pump, constant pressure water supply.