3 Phase 220v To 380v 5kw Inverter

3 Phase 220v To 380v 5kw Inverter

Basic Info Model NO.: AVF580 Output Type: Triple Switch Mode: PWM Control Voltage of Power Supply: Low Voltage Variable-Frequency Drive Nature of DC Power: Voltage Variable-Frequency Drive Brand: AUBO Output Voltage: 170-240V or 330-440V Control Method: V/F, Sensorless Flux Vector Control Speed...

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It is used in wire drawing machine, film winding, coating machine, CNC machine tools, weaving machines, jacquard machines, fans, pumps, chemical fiber, textile, synchronous interaction, injection molding machines, lifting, elevator, machine tools, rolling mills, tube wire processing , lifting, lifting equipment, mill.

Product Certifications

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The main function of the frequency inverter is to realize the stepless speed regulation of the induction motor. It has the characteristics of more convenient, energy saving and high power factor than other methods, and can realize the soft start of the motor. The four-quadrant frequency inverter can also achieve energy feedback when the motor is decelerating.

The control strategy of the inverter mainly includes V/F (voltage with frequency change), constant torque, constant power, etc. to adapt to different load characteristics.

The vector controlled inverter has a motor speed control characteristic that is close to the DC motor.

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