400v 440v Three Phase 2kw 50kw Converter

400v 440v Three Phase 2kw 50kw Converter

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Product Details

220v to 1140v Fequency Converter

Economical frequency converter:single phase 220v 0.22kw to 3.7kw

Sensorless vector frequency converter:380v/400v 0.75kw to 630kw

Sensorless vector frequency converter: 480v 0.75kw to 630kw

Sensorless vector frequency converter: 690v 0.75kw to 630kw

Sensorless vector frequency converter: 1140v 0.75kw to 630kw

High performance frequency converter control cabinet:Non-standard frequency conversion control cabinets in various industries

Structure diagram

Structure diagram.jpg

Technical characteristics

1. Engineering design, high reliability, strong anti-interference ability

2. Wide power input design (20%), wide application range

3. Using TI's latest generation of motor control dedicated DSP, ultra-high speed operation ensures complete vector calculation

4. A new generation of Infineon IGBT modules for higher reliability and reliable operation

5. Three control modes: no PG vector control, V/F control, torque control

6. 16-speed control with built-in PID for complex process requirements

7. Automatic voltage fluctuation resistance: automatic constant voltage output when grid voltage fluctuates

8. Multiple protection functions: overvoltage, overcurrent, overload, undervoltage, short circuit and missing protection

9. Provide RS485 serial communication interface, adopt standard ModBus communication protocol

10. Flexible programmable input and output terminals: 4 analog and 12-way switches

Application field

Machinery, construction, chemical, petroleum, textile, environmental protection, metallurgy, ceramics, coal, electricity, mining, cement, municipal, port, energy, light industry, water conservancy, plastics, food, pharmaceutical and other industries.


Rated Voltage220v/380v/400v/480v/690v/1140v+-20%
Rated Frequency50/60HZ
Output Voltage0~Input Rated Voltage
Output Frequency0.00~600.00HZ
Carrier frequency1-15khz



Control way

Sensorless vector control

V/F control

Torque control

Starting torque

150% rated torque at 0.50hz

Frequency resolution

Digital setting 0.01hz, analog setting 0.1hz
Acceleration0.1~3600.0 seconds arbitrarily set
Overload capability150% rated current, 60s
Start and stop controlKeyboard start and stop control, external control terminal control, upper microcomputer control
Frequency givenThe analog quantity is given, the keyboard rises and falls the key given, the multi-speed speed is given, the swing frequency is running, the upper machine is given
Indicator lightOperation, forward and reverse, voltage, current, frequency indication
LED displayDisplay operating frequency, voltage, current, speed, fault code, parameters, function code

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