7.5kw 3 Phase Vfd Drives

7.5kw 3 Phase Vfd Drives

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AVF5 series VFD, power from 0.4kw to 500kw, voltage from 220v to 690v.

Support two product types, one is single-phase input, three-phase output, and the other is three-phase input, three-phase output.


1. Infineon or Fuji IGBT and TI DSP chip set

2. AVR function

3. Modusbus communication

4. Sensorless vector control


1. Frequency setpoint options:digital,analog,serial comms,multi-level speed , PID, etc;

2. PID control;

3. multi-level speed  control: 8 speed levels;

4.Non-stop during instaneous power off;

5.QUICK/JOG:functional quick button to be defined by user freely;

6. Voltage auto-tuning:When the power supply viberates, the output voltage is kept constant automatically

7. More than 25 protections:Over current, over voltage, under voltage, over temperature, phase loss, over load, etc.


The most complete accessory drawing for Frequency Inverter / ac variable frequency drive vfd for your reference, If any insteresting , please contact us.



1. Boiler drum, Induced draft fan, Mine exhaust fan;

 2. Energy-saving central air conditioning, Energy-saving air compressor

 3. Mechanical equipment, Conveyor

 4. Oil injection pump, Oil transfer pump;Circulating pump, water supply pump, constant pressure water supply.