Distributor Required SVC 250kw Inverter

Distributor Required SVC 250kw Inverter

1. Display of LED digital,Chinese/English LCD etc 2. Open loop vector,closed loop vector( optional,add with PG ),V/F control 3. Keyboard locator(0-5V),external analog (0-10V/0-20mA),external signal superposition. 4. 8 steps speed ,forward and reverse,hopping frequency,acceleration and...

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Frequency control is to adjust the speed of the motor by changing the frequency of the motor.

The frequency inverter mainly adopts the AC-DC-AC mode.

The power frequency cooling power supply is first converted into a DC power source through a rectifier through a rectifier, and then the DC power source is converted into an AC power source whose frequency and voltage can be controlled to supply the motor. The circuit of the inverter is generally composed of four parts: rectification, intermediate DC link, inverter and control. The rectification part is a three-phase bridge type uncontrollable rectifier, and the inverter part is an IGBT three-phase bridge inverter, and the output is a PWM waveform, and the intermediate DC link is filtering, DC energy storage and buffer reactive power.



1. Adopt the latest high-speed motor control chip DSP to ensure fast response of vector control.

2. Modular design of hardware circuit to ensure stable and efficient operation of the circuit.

3. The design combines the European car design concept with smooth lines and beautiful appearance.

4. The structure adopts independent air duct design, the fan can be freely disassembled, and the heat dissipation is good.

5. No PG vector control, PG vector control, torque control, V/F control can be selected.

6. Powerful input and output multi-function programmable terminal, speed pulse input, two analog output.

7. Wide voltage input, automatic voltage regulation (AVR), instant power failure without stopping, more adaptability.

8. Built-in advanced PID algorithm, fast response, adaptability, simple debugging; 16-speed control, simple PLC realizes multi-function logic control such as timing, fixed speed, orientation, etc., and various flexible control methods to meet various complexities Working condition.

9. Built-in international standard MODBUS RTU ASCII communication protocol, users can realize centralized control of inverter 485 communication network through PC/PLC control host computer.


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