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High Perfomance Variable Frequency Drive from China Factory

Product Introduction

The AVF580 series AC drive is a general-purpose high-performance current vector

control AC drive. It increases the user programmable function, background monitoring

software and communication bus function, and supports multi-kind PG cards. It is used to

drive various automation production equipment involving textile, paper-making,

wiredrawing, machine tool, packing, food, fan and pump.High Performance General variable frequency drive.

the AVF580 series AC drive incorporates the following improvements:


1) Multiple voltage

classes.It provides coverage of single-phase 220 V, three-phase 220 V, three-phase 380

V, three-phase 480 V, three-phase 690 V and three-phase 1,140 V.

2) Control of asynchronous motor and PMSM

It supports vector control of three-phase AC asynchronous motor and three-phase AC


3) Diversified control modes

It supports three control modes, namely, sensorless flux vector control (SFVC), closedloop

vector control (CLVC) and V/F control.

4) Multiple communication protocols

It supports communication via Modbus-RTU, PROFIBUS-DP, CANlink and CANopen.

5) Multiple encoder types

It supports various encoders such as differential encoder, open-collector encoder,

resolver and UVW encoder.

6) All-new SFVC algorithm

It introduces an all-new sensorless flux vector control (SFVC) algorithm that gives

better low-speed stability, enhanced low-frequency loading capacity, and supports

torque control.

7) User programmable function

The AVF58PC1 programmable card enables you to write programs in ladder


Its programming environment is compatible with that of the H1U series PLC.

8) Advanced background software

The background monitoring software helps to achieve functions of parameter upload &

download and a real-time oscilloscope.

9) Other new functions.High Performance General variable frequency drive.

Max FrequencyVector control:0~300HZ

V/F control:0~320HZ

Carrier Frequency0.5kHZ~16kHZ


Input Frequency ResolutionDigital:0.01HZ

Analog:Max Freq.*0.025%

Control MethodsSVC,FVC,V/F control
Overload CapacityG Type:150% FLC for 60s;180% FLC for 3s

P Type:120% FLC for 60s;150% FLC for 3s

Simple PLCThrough the built-in plc or control section to achieve up to 16 speed operation
Built-in PIDTo facilitate the realization of process control closed-loop control systemAVR(Automatic voltage adjustment)When the grid voltage changes, can automatically maintain the output voltage is constant
Multi-motor switchingFour sets of motor parameters, can achieve four motor switching controlMulti-threaded bus supportModbus,Profibus-DP,CANlink,CANopen.
Multi-encoder supportSupport differential, open-circuit integrated electrode, UVW, rotary transformer, cosine and other encoders.QUICK/JOGFunctional quick button to be defined by user freely
Voltage auto-tuningWhen the power supply viberates, the output voltage is kept constant automaticallyMore than 25 protectionsOver current, over voltage, under voltage, over temperature, phase loss, over load, etc.

High Performance General variable frequency drive.

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High Performance General variable frequency drive.






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High Performance General variable frequency drive.

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