Small Size 1500w Inverter

Small Size 1500w Inverter

Company information: Nanjing Aubo Electric Co.,Ltd, locates at the city of Nanjing, which is a private joint-equity enterprise integrating development, production and sales of software and equipment in the field of energy saving and electric automation control. The product covers AST1 series...

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Company information:

Aubo specializes in the production of automation products, combined with trade and engineering.

With its young talents, years of industry experience, strong technical strength, abundant stocks, reasonable prices, and good business reputation, Aubo has applied its products to metallurgical and chemical industries throughout the country. Textile, machinery, chemical fiber, cable, film, rubber, plastic, packaging, paper, cement, water, central air conditioning and other industries, and won the trust and praise of the majority of users. We will provide you with a safe and efficient product standard to provide you with innovative, reliable, high quality and efficient products. In the fierce market competition, we will continue to open up the market with first-class technology, good service and excellent reputation. The goal of Aubo's struggle is to "capture opportunities, open up channels, seek truth and innovation, and make everything better."

Aubo has set up a production plant in Nanjing, which mainly undertakes high and low voltage inverters, high and low voltage soft starters, engineering projects, electrical and instrument cabinets. Aubo has offices throughout the country, shortening our distance from our customers and we will be happy to help you.