1 Phase To 3 Phase 1000w 20000w Inverter

1 Phase To 3 Phase 1000w 20000w Inverter

VFD, Frequency Inverter, AC Drive manufacturer / supplier in China, offering 1 Phase To 3 Phase 1000w 20000w Inverter, Electric Motor Speed Control/Variable Frequency Drive,Vector Control IP20 Variable Frequency Drive for General Purpose and so on.

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1 Phase To 3 Phase frequency Inverter

In fact, the input power of the frequency inverter is not directly related to the output. The input is a power supply, whether it is single-phase or three-phase. In theory, even the incoming DC is OK. Of course, the line has some changes. No matter what kind of power supply is coming in, it is first rectified and filtered into DC, and then converted into AC by the inverter ( inverter is a circuit that converts DC into AC). Only one inverter circuit can be used. It becomes a single-phase AC power, and has three sets of inverter circuits and controls the phase difference of 120° to obtain three-phase AC power. By changing the oscillation frequency of the trigger circuit in the inverter circuit, AC power of different frequencies can be obtained, that is, the "frequency conversion" function is realized.

1 Phase To 3 Phase 1000w 20000w Inverter

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