200KW Medium Voltage Variable Frequency Drive

200KW Medium Voltage Variable Frequency Drive

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Medium voltage vfd

AMVI series medium-voltage inverter, produced by AUBO Electric Co. Ltd, is a high tech product with our own intellectual property rights and good performance. To produce it, modern process of manufacturing mechanical and electrical product is widely applied. It has been widely used in all kinds of variable speed control of 3-10KV medium voltage motor of big power. By using the technology of multi voltage level and putting IGBT power unit series in stack, the product is as perfect as harmonic free .It takes the most advanced technology in the field of digital control and power electronic technology like "power electronics technology", "microelectronics technology", "computer technology", "photo-electricity communication technology" ,"automatic control technology" and etc.

Three-phase AC asynchronous motor are widely used because of their simple structure, durable and adaptable operation and its low price as well. However, due to the power grid's voltage and frequency are constant, AC motor cause huge waste of energy in many applications. As a kind of effective, energy saving, and harmonic free MV power, frequency conversion equipment , it converts normal power supply to a supply with adjustable frequency and voltage ,to control the motor speed, meeting the requirements of motor speed regulation and energy saving in all complicated situations. These series inverters are applicable to 3kv / 6kv/10kv medium voltage motors, and they can make the motor run the best by proper control. For either a new system design or a system retrofit, these series inverters not only can save energy obviously, but also can realize the automatic operation of the system, which improves system's stability, reliability, and the production process. They also increase equipment's service life, and reduce the system's maintenance.

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