3 Phase AC Motor Drives /3kv 6kv 10kv Frequency Inverter / Medium Voltage VFD

3 Phase AC Motor Drives /3kv 6kv 10kv Frequency Inverter / Medium Voltage VFD

AC Motor Drive, Frequency Inverter, VFD manufacturer / supplier in China, offering 3 Phase AC Motor Drives /3kv 6kv 10kv Frequency Inverter / Medium Voltage VFD, S2100s Variable Frequency VFD IP4x, Variable Frequency AC Drive /VFD /VSD

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Product Description

AMVI series medium-voltage  VFD, produced by AUBO Electric Co. Ltd, is a high tech product with our own intellectual property rights and good

performance. To produce it, modern process of manufacturing mechanical and electrical product is widely applied. It has been widely used in all kinds of variable speed control of 3-10KV medium voltage motor of big power. By using the technology of multi voltage level and putting IGBT power unit series in stack, the product is as perfect as harmonic free .It takes the most advanced technology in the field of digital control and power electronic technology like "power electronics technology", "microelectronics technology", "computer technology", "photo-electricity communication technology" ,"automatic control technology" and etc.

Medium voltage VFD structure:

AMVI series medium voltage VFD has the following structure: 3-10kv power supply goes from the MV bypass cabinet to the isolated phase -shifting transformer, passing through the deputy windings of the multi-isolation, supply power to several IGBT power units of each phase separately. High voltage output to the high voltage motor is realized by putting multiple power unit in cascade superposition per phase, as the unit output is connected in series. It's the medium voltage VFD of high voltage source type which uses the advanced multilevel isolation technique. By putting several IGBT power units in series superposition, the output is got in a form of pure sine wave, realizing the high input power factor, low input current harmonics. It's the real perfect harmony free VFD.

Medium-voltage VFD system features:

1). Perfect harmonics free

2). High power factor

3). Good input waveform

4). To achieve the motor's soft start

5). High reliability

6). High efficiency

7). Save operation and maintenance costs

8). Easy to operate

9). Perfect protection and auto-diagnosis function

10).Rich interface functions

11).System bypass function

Application industry of this product:

Thermal power industry: induced draft fan, blower, dust collection fan, compressor, sewage pump, boiler feed pump etc.

Petrochemical industry: main pumps, submersible pumps, injection pumps,circulating pump, boiler feed pump, halogen water pump, fan, descaling pump,mixer, gas compressors, extrusion machine, etc

Mining and metallurgy: slurry pump, induced draft fan, blower,, dust removal fan, descaling pump, centrifugal feed pump, etc

Cement manufacturing: water pump, boiler feed pump, halogen water pump,fan, descaling pump, mixer, gas compressors, induced draft fan, preheat tower fan, pressure blower fan, cooler dust cleaning fan, ball mill for raw material, kiln gas fan, cooler exhausting fan, classifier fan, the main dust collection fan, etc

Water supply and wastewater treatment: main line pumps, submersible pumps, injection pumps, circulation pump, sewage pump, cleaning pump,

biological processing tower pump , etc

Manufacturing industry: pulp beater, pumps, etc

Other: rotating machinery, wind turbines, wind tunnel, etc

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